“Tibetan Buddhist Art Exhibition” opened in Dalian

It is understood that this year’s International Museum Day, Dalian Museum of Modernity joint Tibet Museum, Potala Palace, Norbulingka, Nyingchi City, Southeast Cultural Heritage Museum and other four major cultural and cultural institutions in Tibet, the selection of ancient seal seal seal and edict, renowned at home and abroad Thangka, Miaozhuang solemn statues, rich content of the books, exaggerated masks and sophisticated instruments and other artifacts and other treasures a total of 122 groups, exhibited at the Dalian Museum of Modern Art.

On the one hand, it has witnessed the profound historical origins of the central government and Tibet, which is conducive to in-depth understanding of the unique geographical civilization of the snow-covered plateau and the promotion of cultural exchanges between China and Tibet. And national unity has important practical significance.

Tibetan Museum of the relevant staff, said the exhibition is in recent years at home and abroad heavyweight of the Tibetan Buddhist art theme exhibition, the exhibition exhibited a total of 122 artifacts, precious cultural relics up to 116 groups, including a 30 pieces of cultural relics, showing the high level of cultural relics on display “Including the Ming Dynasty Xuande years of blue and white sea water dragon high-foot bowl, Ming Yongle years copper gilt eight lotus intensive King Kong, yuan (1271 to 1368) large dynasty commander of the country monks and nuns in the release of the printing, AD 14 to 15 Century cloth painting King Kong Bodhisattva Tancheng Thangka and so on.

Post time: Jun-08-2017


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