Tibet gradually into the tourist season doctors remind visitors to Tibet matters needing attention

With the warmer weather, Tibet tourism gradually warming up. Tibet’s summer oxygen content is higher than in winter, but still less than the mainland, coupled with the relatively dry climate, large temperature difference between day and night, may exacerbate the tourists on the plateau environment discomfort. Doctors advise the Tibetan tourists to pay attention to the following matters to deal with the plateau may bring discomfort to the body.

Visitors to Tibet before the check in cardiopulmonary function, can not be sick into the plateau. Into the Tibetan before the appropriate aerobic exercise, to maintain good health. Visitors can bring their own cold medicine, treatment of gastroenteritis berberine and norfloxacin and other common drugs, while ready for different season clothing. Tibet during the day and night temperature difference, dressing on time to do the appropriate increase or decrease, so as not to cause cold induced altitude sickness.

A few days into the plateau, visitors can not walk or run quickly, to avoid fatigue. At the same time, do not frequent bath, so as not to cause cold cold. During the period of possession of sugar, easy to digest food, to the body to provide more energy. Tibet is more dry, drink plenty of water to keep the body adequate water.In the absence of portable oxygen equipment and anti-anoxic drugs in the case, visitors do not rush into the altitude of 5000 meters above the area, so as to avoid acute high altitude pulmonary edema. Can take some of the Western ginseng, Rhodiola, Danshen pills and other drugs to ease the altitude sickness.Doctors reminded that epilepsy, liver and kidney endocrine system insufficiency, excessive obesity and pregnant women and women with heart disease should not enter the plateau. In addition, some common nausea, vomiting, headache and other symptoms of altitude sickness can be self-mitigation, the first time visitors to Tibet to eliminate the psychological burden, not too nervous.

Post time: May-27-2017


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