May 19, 2017, ushered in the seventh China Tourism Day! 2017 China Tourism Day activities theme “travel to make life more happy.”


On the morning of May 19, the Nyingchi Tourism Organization organized some tourism enterprises to carry out the series of activities of “China Tourism Day”. Through the in-depth education activities of “Four Lectures and Four Love”, the theme publicity activities were launched, Guide tourists to civilized tourism, safe travel, rational consumption, green consumption.

To the “love travel, love life, love Linzhi” as the slogan of the Linchou sub-venue activities brilliant, through the dissemination of promotional materials, to carry out song and dance performances and prizes quiz, the scene to accept travel advice, and joint area area scenic spots (points) to carry out tickets Relief Huimin activities, at the same time to focus on WeChat praise U disk, rechargeable treasure and other promotional activities, set off a concern for tourism, tourism, tourism tourism to support the tourism boom.

Post time: May-24-2017


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