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Tibet shrine is Lhasa,Lhasa shrine is Yerpa
History: Built from1189AD
Distance from downtown: 20Km / a short Drive 
*Entrance fee:RMB30 P/P
*Opening time:All day
* Visiting Time: 2 hours.
* Best visiting time: June – October


There is a flog song in Tibet: “Tibet shrine is Lhasa,Lhasa shrine is Yerpa,to Lhasa to leaves Yerpa, equal to do forget to do new clothes collar.” The Drak Yerpa Hermitage is called as “Hidden in the holy city after the mystery place ”,located on a hillside in Dagzê County where is just 20km far from Lhasa.

According to legend,the Drak Yerpa Hermitage was founded in seventh Century.It is one of the five temples which were built by Songtsen Gampo for his queens (the other four are:Jokhang temple、ramoche temple、Palubuk、Pabonka Hermitage),the Yerpa was for his third quee–Monza Triucham.Originally a small temple,Later, the temple after several expansion,, has formed now Drak Yerpa which closely embedded in the wall of the cliff.It is said there are one hundred and eight practice caves, in fact, but probably only about eighty or so,created in different times.From the foot look up at the mountain,the whole mountain is like a statue of Tara.

Historically, it ever had a Kadampa temple here,Yerpa became one of the three most important centres of meditation and retreat in Central Tibet. Several of Guru Rinpoche’s disciples are also said to have meditated here. Atisha (982 – 1054 CE) preached extensively in the valley.Atisha’s hermitage is in ruins but had 300 monks in the 19th century and was the summer quarters for the Ramoche Monastery.Only the Gelug Sect monasteries has been restored,now, the Yerpa, is refers to the temple.

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    Necessary expenses deduction

    1′Tourists cancel the contract or inbound travel agency cancel the contract according to the
    provisions of paragraph


    Date of Cancellation Charge Incurred
    1 months in advance 20% of total trip cost, excludes the lost caused by refunding air tickets.
    7 to 29 days in advance 50% of total trip cost, excludes the lost caused by refunding air tickets.
    Less than 7 days in advance 100% of total trip cost, excludes the lost caused by refunding air tickets.
    No show up 100% of total trip cost

    2、Cancellation 10 days before departure due to political reason or natural force,
    No cancellation charge on local tour, but the lost caused by refunding flight tickets
    and train tickets is on travelers.

    Inbound tourist agencies to assist the return and bear the expenses
    Cancel the contract during the trip,inbound travel agency should help the tourists return to
    the starting point or tourists specified
    reasonable location.Due to travel agents or Performance assistants to fulfill the reasons
    leading to the termination of the
    contract(not including force majeure or have reasonable attention obligation still
    cannot avoid the incident),
    return the expenses borne by the inbound travel agency;according to the provisions of
    paragraph 2 in article 9、paragraph 2 in article 10 and paragraph 3 in article 10 to
    cancel the contract,bear by tourists.
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