United Nations/UN Headquarters Tour – Security Council/General Assembly – New York City Travel Guide

Today http://www.goandseetv.com is going to show you the United Nations Headquarters in New York City! Another world-famous New York City icon that brings the world to New York City.

Along with Fifth Avenue and Grand Central Terminal/Station, the UN Headquarters is a definite must-see in Midtown on your New York City trip. It is a short 10 minute walk from Grand Central Station to the UN Headquarters.

The UN Headquarters is located on the East River, along First Avenue, between 42nd Street up to 48th Street. Construction of the UN Headquarters complex was begun in 1948 and was completed in 1952.

The UN Headquarters complex consists of four main buildings, the General Assembly Building, the Secretariat, the Conference Center, and the Dag Hammerskjold Library. There are also ancillary buildings outside the UN Headquarters complex that house UN institutions, such as United Nations Plaza.

Inside the UN Headquarters complex, you will see various artwork and installations, such as the “Knotted Gun.” And no visit to the UN Headquarters would be complete without an official tour of the headquarters (see http://visit.un.org/wcm/content/ for information on visiting the UN Headquarters). On the tour you’ll see one of the most important bodies at the UN, the Security Council. You’ll also see the General Assembly. While it may not have the powers of the Security Council, it is just as well known, the UN General Assembly is also an impressive space. Each UN nation member has an equal vote in the General Assembly and issues that affect all nations are often discussed there.

During the UN Headquarters tour you’ll also learn a lot about the de-mining, education, health, and humanitarian work that the United Nations engages in around the world through its affiliated organizations like the World Health Organization and United Nations Human Rights Council. Touring the UN is a great way for anyone, especially young people, to learn about the interconnected nature of our world and how we can positively shape our global future.

We hope you have an opportunity to visit the United Nations, one of the most important multi-lateral organizations in the world. It’s an institution that makes New York City a cross-roads of the world and brings the world to New York City to encourage cooperation and friendship among all nations. Be sure to go and see it for yourself on your trip to New York City!

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Post time: Jan-26-2018


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