Top Twenty Beautiful Royal Palace In The World

Top Twenty Beautiful Royal Palace In The World
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Facebook: Top Twenty Beautiful Royal Palace In The World, Royal palace in the world, top royal palace, palace in the world, luxurious royal palace, royal palace in the world.. Here is the list of top 20 Beautiful Royal Palace in the world…

1.Pena National Palace (Portugal)
2.Mysore Palace (India)
3.Schönbrunn Palace (Austria)
4.Summer Palace (China)
5.Topkapi Palace (Turkey)
6.The Istana Nurul Iman Palace (Brunei)
7.Château de Chambord (France)
8.Palace of Versailles (France)
9.Alhambra (Spain)
10.Potala Palace (China)
11.Forbidden City (China)
12.Buckingham Palace (UK)
13.Blenheim Palace (England)
14.The Winter Palace (Russia)
15.Lake Palace (India)
16.Dolmabahce Palace (Turkey)
17.The Stockholm Palace (Sweden)
18.Royal Palace of Madrid or The Palacio Real de Madrid (Spain)
19.Bangalore Palace (India)
20.Windsor Castle (England)

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Post time: Jan-26-2018


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