My First 10 Culture Shocks in Germany | BigBugsPresents

In this video, I tell you about my first few days in Germany, starting at the airport. I’ve made many embarrassing goofs and accidentally rude actions. Learn from my mistakes!

the Wortschatz – the vocabulary

die Zigarette – the cigarette
“Rauchen verboten” – “No smoking”
das Geld – the money
der Schwindel – the scam
“Wie geht es dir?” – “How are you?”
das Badezimmer – the bathroom
sich schminken – to apply one’s makeup
Sonntag – Sunday
geschlossen – closed
der Hauptbahnhof – the main station
die Tankstelle – the gas station
das Krankenhaus – the hospital
der Kühlschrank – the fridge

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Post time: Jan-26-2018


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