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Today, let’s learn about bugs that bite, and how to avoid them.

Whether for business, pleasure or adventure, Advantage provide all the services you need to prepare and have a healthy journey. Part of how we do this is helping you learn how to keep bugs from biting you.

There are a few bugs that you need to be aware of when traveling to other countries. These include mosquitoes, sand flies, black flies, tics, and Tsetse flies. These bugs when infected can cause serious harm to you, especially as there are no current cures for them.

There are some facts about insect bites you should be aware of before traveling
A single bite from some infected insect can result in disease transmission
Next, You may not always be aware of a bug bite
And, Nearly 100% protection can be obtained via repellents of 100% or 30% long-acting DEET

The best prevention against bug bites is knowledge. Knowing which areas are inhabited by which bugs can help you better prepare for your trip. The next preventive method is to use repellents on skin and clothes. These will help keep the bugs off you, and allow you to have a safe trip. The next preventive item to use is bed netting. This will help keep the bugs off of you while you are sleeping.

The best repellent to use is DEET products either long-acting or greater than 30% or a straight 100% DEET. If you do not want to use DEET, another choice is Picaridin at least 20% or greater.

The best protection for clothing is to use either a permethrin spray or soak. Permethrin is an insecticide that is safe for humans, but deadly for insects. Contact Advantage to learn more about this, and other products that can be used for preventive measures against bug bites.

The other preventative item to use is bed netting. These are very useful during the night, especially if you do not want to wake up every few hours to check if you were bitten or not. These netting provide a sense of relief and give you comfort and knowledge that no bugs will bite you in the night. To find out which preventative method will best suit you and your traveling needs, contact Advantage Vaccination Services. Here’s how.

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