Hayaku 4K: A Time Lapse Journey Through Japan

This week at Cooking Japanese we are busy filming new recipes. As we prepare a new batch of recipes for you we want to share something different and truly special with you!

Over 7 years ago my husband Brad Kremer released a film titled Hayaku: A Time Lapse Journey Through Japan. It quickly gained popularity and racked up well over a million views socially. The film was originally released in 1080p as there were no 4K streaming capabilities at the time. And so now, Hayaku has been re-mastered in beautiful UHD 4K resolution! In addition, a series of new shots have been added to the film. So we consider this to be Hayaku: A Time Lapse Journey Through Japan the Special Edition. Even though this is the special edition, we will always have a place in our heart for the original as well.

In this version of Hayaku we start in Tokyo where we see busy streets and crowded trains. We visit local back alley restaurants and ramen carts at night. We then transition to the island of Shikoku and to the largest mountain on the island, Mt Ishizuchisan. From there we visit the magical forest of Yakushima where the moss covered forest and kodama spirits inspired the work of Hayao Miyazaki for his masterpiece film Princess Mononoke. We also witness the oldest bath house in Japan, Dogo Onsen. Dogo Onsen is the inspiration for the bath house in the Miyazaki film Spirited Away. It is a magical journey around some of the most beautiful locations in Japan.

Timelapse is a wonderful filming technique that speeds up time. It allows us to see things in a different light. To see the world move at a different pace. Hayaku is the Japanese word for “hurry up”. And so you can see why it is a fitting name for the time-lapse film.

I hope Hayaku brings you as much joy as it does us. And as always, I hope you enjoy Cooking Japanese!

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Post time: Jan-26-2018


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