10 Mysterious Creatures Spotted In The Amazon

10 Mysterious Creatures Spotted In The Amazon!

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The Amazon is like a lost world all on its own, with ancient creatures, poisonous beasts and ravaging predators roaming through the thick jungle. Many of these organisms were able to evolve relatively unobstructed for thousands of years while the underbrush around them grew more and more unwieldy. Hanging around the South American equator, these animals thrived in the hot, wet and humid greenery and swam in protected schools through the flowing Amazon River.

Unfortunately, many of these beautiful and deadly creatures are threatened by deforestation, human development and climate change. With warming waters, unpredictable storms, and changing weather patterns, a ticking clock has seemingly been placed over their livelihood as their habitats are forever changed by the influence of man.

But in spite of these uncertain times, the Amazon Rain Forest is still an incredible sight to behold. Join TheHub as we cut a new path through this dense ecosystem and observe the wild animals that have called this natural wonder “home” for millions of years. In the warm and rich environment, many organisms have been allowed to grow into immense sizes and exotic shapes. Look on in amazement at the record-breaking specimens of the arapaima, the green anaconda, the peanut head bug, the bullet ant, the black caiman, the greater bulldog bat, the Amazonian giant centipede, the Brazilian wandering spider, the giant catfish and the spectacled bear. Let’s observe these mighty beasts as they reign in the top spots of their respective food chains.

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Post time: Jan-26-2018


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